Padayani Festivals

Marutha Kolam 

Marutha is the Mother Goddess of the village or Kara and is worshipped as the Goddess of Small Pox (vasoori). The mask is made of a single arecanut leaf and the face is made up of charcoal powder mixed with oil and also has false teeth. The hair of Marutha Kolam is made using kuruthola. It also has big chest chains and the costume is mostly green. Marutha Kolams carry burning torches (choottukatta), sticks, Veeshu Pala (fan made of arecanut leaf), murams etc.  The dance of Marutha Kolam expresses various emotions of motherhood, humour, and devotion.  

Kari Marutha, Kalakeshi Marutha, Pacha Marutha, Pandara Marutha, Thalla Marutha and Esanthan Marutha are the different types of Marutha Kolam performed in Kerala.