Ooracheri Gurukkal Memorial

Ooracheri Gurukkal Memorial front view

Front view of Ooracheri Gurukkal Memorial

Ooracheri Gurukkal Memorial is a memorial gallery of Ooracheri Gurunathanmar (Masters) - five brothers who lived in Ooracheri House at Chokli near Thalassery. They were Kunhikannan Gurunathan, Kunhikoran Gurunathan, Kunhichanthan Gurunathan, Chathappan Gurunathan, and Othenan Gurunathan, instrumental in the transfer of knowledge about Malayalam language and grammar, the Vedas, Sanskrit and philosophy.  Daily, Kunhikannan Gurunathan would walk from his house at Chokli to Illikkunu in Thalassery, where Hermann Gundert lived, to teach him Malayalam and Sanskrit. The first Malayalam-English Dictionary came into existence through this contact.

The picture gallery offers you to a glimpse of the life of Ooracheri Gurunathanmar and several other important personalities at Chokli. You can also check out some books and articles available there about the masters.