European missionaries encouraged the Christian community in Kerala to actively involve themselves in artistic and literary pursuits. From the 1st century onwards, the Christian community has made remarkable contributions to music, literature, drama, cinema and such other fields. Their art forms are based on Christianity as well as on Indian culture. Most of the art forms were presented at church festivals and wedding ceremonies. Art forms like Parichamuttukali, Kolkali, Chavittu Natakam and Margam Kali, show the martial skills of the community. An attempt to develop their own art forms, keeping away from the Hindu influence, succeeded in the creation of Margam Kali and Chavittu Natakam. Though not a full-fledged art form, Devasthavili is one art that is presented during the 50 day long lent, in Kochi and Varappuzha Archdioceses. Parichamuttu Kali, which has a resemblance to the Kalaripayattu, is modelled on the art forms in vogue among Hindus and Muslims. In addition, there are Vattakali and Poovirakkom in Southern Kerala.