St. Thomas Church, Kodungalloor

Kerala Christians boast of a history and culture as old as Christianity.  The roots of Christianity in India can actually be traced back to the origin of Christianity.  St. Thomas, one of the Apostles of Christ, is believed to be the founder of the religion in India in CE 52.  The Christian Church of Kerala, of the early years, developed a culture and a lifestyle, which though distinct, were closely intertwined with the Indian culture.  At the same time, it was conscious of the need for nurturing an apostolic heritage.

One overriding reason for successful religious propagation has always been the acceptance of the new religion by the local ruler.  Then his subjects too would naturally be lured to that faith.  This was the case wherever Christianity was declared the official religion of the state.  However, Kerala has a different story to tell.  One of the prime reasons that helped Christianity to cast its influence on the socio-cultural scenario of the state was the foreign trade, to which Kerala's long coastline played host from time immemorial.  Kerala’s trade links crossed the Arabian Sea and extended to people and communities who lived beyond its limits while there were hardly any links with North India.