Padruodo - the administrative set up

Church dedicated to Blessed virgin at Ramapuram

Padruodo was an administrative set up which, while recognizing the supremacy of the Pope and accepting the Roman Catholic faith, invested the King with supreme control over administration of the local churches. The Pope gave the eastern countries, including India, to Portugal, and the western region, including America, to Spain.  Pope Alexar VI delegated the control of the churches in India to the King of Portugal in 1500 and subsequently Pope Leo X in 1514. Thus the Padruodo system gained more strength.

Church dedicated to St. Augustine at Ramapuram

Even after the merger of the Angamaly Arch Diocese with the Roman Church, the majority of the St. Thomas Christians continued to use Syriac as the language for performing their religious rites, while some, living in Kochi and Goa, adopted Latin. Instead of ordaining native Bishops, Rome appointed Latin Bishops. On ordaining Francis Ross as Bishop after the Synod of Diamper, the control of the Chaldean Patriarch over Indian churches came to an end. Though the St. Thomas Christians tried to bring Bishops from the Eastern churches, it did not work.  Francis Ross subsequently shifted the headquarters to Kodungalloor after the Padruado.