Devotional Songs

Devotional songs are an integral part of religious life. From Holy Communion to sacraments and resurrection to Christmas lie the main themes of devotional songs. This branch is rich with the Bible poems that deal with death, cross, Calvary, Golgotha and such others. Magdalana Mariam by Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon, written in 1921, is a notable work. 

Maha Tyagi by M. O. Avara, Karinizhal by Chalil Jacob, Christu Bhagavatham written by P. C. Devassia in Sanskrit were some of the notable creations of those days. Scholar and musician Rev. Yusthus Joseph alias Vidwan Kutty Achan have written a number of songs.  The song of Fr. Volbrecht Nagel, "Samayamam redhathil njan..." is still being fervently sung by Christians. 

The songs of Makavai K. V. Simon have been set to Carnatic and Hindustani ragas. The work of Sadhu Kochu Kunju Updadeshi (1883-1945) "Ente Deivam Mahathwathil Aardrvanay Jeevikkumbol" is still popular.  Songs like P. V. Thommi’s "Enthathisayame deivathin sneham...." and Tadevus Aravindam’s "Deiva sneham varinicheedan vakkukal pora..." still stand out for their lucid and simple style.