Evangelistic activities and educational uplift were the thrust areas of the newspapers in the initial stages. "Rajya Samacharam" published by Herman Gundert in 1847 is the first Malayalam newspaper.  The accent was on religious issues, but speeches and stories were also there in the newspaper. "Paschimodayam" published at the behest of Basel Mission, dealt with secular issues such as science, history and general knowledge. Rev. George Mathen and Archdeacon Koshy jointly published "Jnana Nikshepam" from the CMS Press in Kottayam. “Paschima Tharaka", with its English counterpart "Western Star", published in 1865 from Cochin, under the initiative of Curian Writer, was the first secular newspaper. "Vidya Samgraham" published by Kottayam College, came out in 1864. "Satyanada Kahalam" was published by Catholic priests from Kunammavu in 1876. Later it was published as "Satya Nadam" from Ernakulam. "Nazrani Deepika" that started publishing in 1887 stands foremost among the newspapers of those days.  This newspaper was published under the leadership of Nidhirikkal Mani Kathanar and Fr. Gerard Kannampally.  Subseqently it was published as "Rashtra Deepika" and later as "Deepika".

Christian writers also published novels, short stories, plays, biographies, reviews, science books, spiritual works and children’s literature. Taking a cue from the missionaries, native Christian writers too got engrossed in literature and art and that led to the creation of a number of works. The works of Kottayam Mallussery Chandy Mappila, who lived in the second half of 17th century, Adimadi and Ammayya Rajya Kanni are very famous. Iobinte Charithram by Kuruvila Kathanar, Allesu Pana and Allesu Natakam, Nishidha Parvam, Mr Geevarghese Pana, Susa Rajakkanmarude Pattu and Cheriya Thobiasinte Pattu by Chacko Mappila are also notable works.