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"We have no right whatsoever to touch them. They are not ours. They belong partly to those who built them, and partly to all generations of mankind who are to follow us."
- Morris

Come... let us travel down the ladder of time unfolding the riddles of the past in the gleam of the golden sands of history unearthed. Muziris welcomes you to the cape of trade culture left behind by our ancestors from around the world. Reputed to be the ancient world's greatest trading centre in the East this legendary seaport traded in everything from spices to precious stones with the Greeks, Romans and the rest of the world. The Muziris Heritage Project intends to conserve and to showcase the culture of 3000 years or more for posterity. In Muziris, which was the doorway to India for varied cultures and races: Buddhists, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and even the British history no longer slumbers but rather lends itself bare to the curious minds.

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