Features and Objectives

Features and Objectives

Muziris Heritage Project is an important undertaking by the Government of Kerala towards holistic conservation of a rich and proud history. The Features and Objectives of the project are as follows:


  • This is the largest heritage conservation project ever undertaken in India
  • This is the first project of the Government of Kerala to follow the Green Protocol
  • It involves the co-ordinated effort  of multiple Government departments
  • More than 25 museums have been set up to help visitors appreciate the Muziris Heritage
  • A research and academic institution has been established in order to support the project
  • Major infrastructural improvements have been brought in so as to make the Project a valuable asset to the state and the nation
  • Integration with local communities, through the agency of native resource persons for the purpose of data collection, survey, etc., was ensured


  • To promote awareness and understanding of the cultural distinctiveness and diversity of Muziris
  • To conserve cultural assets and safeguard them for the present and future generations
  • To practise and promote sustainable development
  • To promote a participative approach towards conservation and restoration
  • To ensure accessibility for all
  • To include the heritage of Muziris in regional educational programmes
  • To  undertake heritage management as a means to promote communal harmony