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Sheepothi Theyyam

Another Theyyam that is believed to eliminate the miseries of Karkidakam is the Sheepothi Theyyam. It is a tradition that is prevalent in the households of Kadathanad (Vadakara in Kozhikode). Sheepothi symbolises goddess Mahalakshmi. Sheepothi is given a warm welcome in households with a nilavilakku and a full naazhi (a measurement mechanism) of rice. Sheepothi Theyyam then dances to the beats of ‘Thudikotti Pattu’. At the end of the performance, specially prepared water is poured in the eastern part of the house. It is believed that this eliminates all the sins of Karkidakam. 

Sheepothi Theyyam is enacted by kids of Malaya tribe. In earlier times, Sheepothi Theyyams were found in almost all parts of Kadathanad. Today, the number has come down significantly. The arrival of Sheepothi also marked the beginning of a new Malayalam year in the Kadathanad region.

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