The Responsible Tourism Mission started in Kannur in the year 2017. Currently, here RT Mission is doing the process of identifying production-procurement and supply units. 

Besides this RT Mission is conducting several tourism awareness programmes in Kannur for the local communities.  The Mission will take care of all processes that link the community. The Mission also plays a major role in the implementation of Malanad-Malabar River Cruise. This cruise project connecting rivers in North Malabar is considered to be the largest ever tourism project in northern Kerala. 

In Kannur RT Mission conducted an awareness programme in October 2017 which saw the participation of more than 500 people.  In February 2018 a general orientation programme and 3 day training was given for those interested in giving tent accommodation including farmstays and homestays in which around 101 participated. Training for the first batch of Community Tour Leaders have also been started in the destination.

A seminar was conducted with the participation of Panchayat Presidents from 10 Panchayats, Kudumbasree and cooperative bank members, farmers and clubs in Kalliasseri Constituency. In this programme around 200 people participated.

Nine separate awareness programmes were conducted for the nine Panchayats in Thaliparambu. Panchayat and Kudumbasree members of each Panchayat participated in these programmes. Another notable initiative of RT Mission in Kannur is the family meets of Bell Metal workers. A one-day seminar was also conducted as part of this.

RT Mission will soon introduce five Model RT Villages in Kannur that includes Kolthuruthi Island, Thekkumbad island, Pamburuthi Island, Ezhom and Malapattom.  Darmadaom will be developed as a new RT destination. Muzhuppilangad and Darmandam are the two clean destinations of RT Mission in Kannur.

In Kannur, RT Mission has conducted training for 44 Resource Persons.  

RT Mission conducts the 'Nattinpurangalil Onam Unnam Onasammanagal Vaangam' programme in Kannur too.

The ancient trading port of Kerala, Kannur embraces travellers with its lush greenery and calm blues. The Arakkal Museum dedicated to the Arakkal family; the only Muslim Royal family in Kerala, and the St. Angelo Fort built by the Portuguese indicate the relevance of Kannur in Indian history. The Muthappan Temple and Muzhuppilanghad Beach complete the glory of the district.

Guarded by the Western Ghats in the east and Lakshadweep Sea in the west the place with its captivating beauty offers travellers a trip to cherish forever. Apart from the regular destinations, Responsible Tourism takes one on a journey through the villages of Kannur to get a glimpse of the local life up close. Camping in tents and bamboo rafting are some of the soul quenching experiences offered here.

A walk through the serene villages here is a comforting, yet exciting experience. Kannur is a preferred destination in Kerala for numerous adventurous activities and treks. Unraveling the wonders of the nutmeg fruit and toddy, the mildly alcoholic beverage of the State are all different aspects that will excite travellers. Cocoa fruit, known as the “Food of the Gods” is introduced to visitors through a journey through the farms. The weaving of coconut palm leaves attract nature lovers by its appealing beauty and eco-friendliness. This is now a popular eco-friendly product.




Kannur, ‘the city of looms and lores’ is rich with its handloom industries functioning actively. The handlooms speak tales of the culture and tradition of the State. The colours and designs of sarees, dothis and other cloths made here never fail to inspire awe in visitors.

Responsible Tourism in Kannur offers travellers a chance to explore the rubber tapping process as well. Crab fishing is yet another attraction in Kannur. The tourists also get a chance to watch the ancient art of Kerala, bell metal making and visit a little hamlet in Kannur known for its heritage in pottery.

The pride of Kerala, the ancient martial art Kalaripayattu is acknowledged and respected across the world. Kannur offers one the opportunity to see and experience it firsthand.
A multifaceted land, Kannur has a gift hidden away for each of its visitors thereby ensuring that nobody leaves the place disappointed making it an ideal holiday destination.

Gifted with picturesque beaches, hill stations, backwaters, monuments and pilgrim centres, Kannur is truly a place flourishing with tourism potential. The place is also known for its handloom industries, vibrant folk art and folk music.  Theyyam and Theeyattam are the ritual artforms prominent in Kannur.

Responsible Tourism offers several tour packages through which travellers can experience the soul and life of Kannur. Among them the Kunhimangalam package stands apart with the unique experiences that it offers. It is a journey through the Bell Metal Heritage Village, Weaver’s Society, a visit to the traditional goldsmith’s house and many other interesting activities like fishing, coconut tree climbing, coconut leaf weaving and many more. 

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