Pazhassi Circuit

The Pazhassi Circuit is an expedition that invites you to explore the life and struggles of the great ruler, Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. Popularly known as the Lion of Kerala, he is revered for his fights for freedom, which took place much before the 1857 War of Independence. The king belonged to the Padinjare Kovilakam (West Palace) of the Kottayam royal dynasty, which ruled the Kottayam Malabar region, an area highly coveted for black pepper. Pazhassi Raja’s storyline of resistance is divided into three phases: against Hyder Ali during 1773-82 CE, against Tipu Sultan during 1784-93 CE; and against British East India till his death in 1805 CE. This Circuit ranges from Kannur district to Wayanad district, covering 21 destinations that include palaces, temples, museums, and forest areas which played a significant role in Pazhassi Raja’s life and struggles.