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Dr. P. Alikutty’s Kottakkal Ayurveda & Modern Hospital

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Dr. P. Alikutty’s Kottakkal Ayurveda & Modern Hospital

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Dr. P. Alikutty’s Kottakkal Ayurveda & Modern Hospital
Near Ayurveda College, Changuvetty
NH - 66, Edarikode
Kottakkal, Malappuram
Pin: 676501

+91 483 2743703


We at Dr P Alikutty's Kottakkal Ayurveda and Modern hospital, pride in practicing Ayurveda, the ancient science of life in all its purity and sanctity .Started as a small clinic in early 60's by the founder Dr.P. Alikutty, now became a full fledged Ayurvedic hospital with modern medicine departments also. We are located in the serene and picturesque natural settings. Facilitated with various amenities including our own manufacturing unit (Kottakkal Ayurveda Pharmacy-KAP), which prepare the medicines for all our treatment requirements and also disburse in our retail outlets.


Our beginning:

Dr P Alikutty Started his humble clinic (dispensary) in 1965 in Edarikode, the suburb of kottakkal with an OP wing, Medical Pharmacy, Emergency daytime observatory IP etc which served the people from all segment of the society of kottakkal and neighboring villages. On those days, most of the Ayurvedic practitioners were limited their practice to common diseases only, while Dr.Alikutty practiced the profession in wide spectrum and treated all diseases including chronic ailment.

He had a good number of successful treatment history from the local and international patients in chronic skin diseases, carcinoma, paralysis, different type of ulcers, various pediatric diseases including birth disorders, etc where he developed his own methodology and special medical formulations. Started the new hospital complex in 1998 in kottakkal, Changuvetty. Dr.Alikutty was a great philanthropist, well known with his commitment to society and dedication to his patients welfare, social service and also a good writer in the local and national media in the field of medicine and literature. Succeeded with 5 sons as the present directors of the prestigious; hospital here in after mentioned.

Our treatments:


It is a type of massage using Kizhi. (Kizhi is the preparation of cloth balls containing leaves, rice, cereals, meats etc.)


It is a type of storing oil on the head using special type of cap. I t is used in Hemiplegia, Quadriplegia, Parkinsonism, Facial Paralysis, headache etc


It is the method of storing oils, decoction etc. on the eyes. This is useful for all eye diseases like retinopathy, glaucoma, myopia, Hypermetropia


It is a method of massage by pouring medicated milk, buttermilk etc in a special way on the whole body, head and other parts of the body alone.




It is a special method of bandaging using leaves, meat, cereals, oil, butter, milk ghee etc. It is mainly used in muscular wasting, swelling, rheumatic pain, osteo arthritis etc.


Vajeekarana means aphrodisiac. This is a special Ayurvedic treatment, which provides good and healthy sexual life and mental and physical happiness


It is blood purification method like jelooga Avacharanam, siravedham etc.


Ayurveda makes use of certain extremely sensitive points (Marma) located on the body (107 in number) for maintaining a composed health and treating various nervous, muscular and skeletal ailments.


We also have treatments like Rasachikitsa, Rasayanachikitsa, Ksharasoothra, Acupuncture, Magneto Therapy, Kadee Vasthi, Abhyangam.

Our Departments:                      

We have a well organized Ayurveda Department which gives you in-depth study of the importance Ayurveda in our lives. By the Thridhosha Theory, all the physiological functions of the body which are governed by Vatha, Pitha and Kapha, are responsible for all voluntary and involuntary movements in the body. It also provides lubrication at various parts of the friction. We have cured Rheumatic diseases (Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo arthritis, Rheumatic fever), Paralysis like (Hemiplegia, Facial Paralysis Polio etc), Skin diseases (Eczema, Psoriasis, leukodermaetc), Back pain, Cervical Spondylosis, Diabetes, Asthma, general and sexual disability & infertility and all types of acute and chronic diseases with the help of well equipped infrastructure and qualified physicians.


Chief Physician

Dr. P. Abdul Gafoor B.A.M.S, M.D(Acu)

Medical Director (Ayurveda)
Dr. P. Rahmathulla B.A.M.S, MD (Acu), P.G.D.H.H.C

Medical Director (Modern Medicine)
Dr. P. Sibhathulla M.B.B.S, B.A.M.S

Deputy Physician
Dr. M.V Sunil B.A.M.S


Asst. Physicians
Dr. C.K Sai Sangeeth B.A.M.S
Dr. M. Noufal B.A.M.S
Dr. N. Ahsan Nihad B.A.M.S
Dr. Vidhya Menon B.A.M.S

Eye & Ent
Dr. C.M Jimin M.S(Ay.)

Dr.E.M.Shihabudheen B.A.M.S,MD (Ay.Phych)


Physiotherapy Department

Our well equipped modern physiotherapy department supports to cure the patients hastily. . It has created success stories for the last several years. By combining traditional Ayurvedic Massage and Therapies, we are getting remarkable result in the cases of neuro -muscular problems. We have well qualified male and female professionals to treat our patients in the most professional way.

K.S Dipu. MPT
P. Faseeh Mohammed. BPT
M. Ramla. BPT


Physio Fitness Center

A fully equipped modern Physio fitness center is arranged in the hospital premise for the convenience of the patients and the bystander guest.Trained Physiotherapist and Doctors guidance and advices are given to the patients as per the medical requirements.

Considering the convenience of the patients and our bystander guest's, fitness center working from morning 7.30 AM to Night 10 PM.


Dental Department

As the latest development in the hospital, we are adorned with a new feather as we have started with a fully equipped Modern Dental Clinic which can cater all the dental related requirements of our patients in a most modern way. We have facility to treat all condition regarding your teeth issues, where we provide with the services like,

  • Fixed Orthodontic Treatment
  • Crown and Bridges
  • Partial and Complete Dentures
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Habit Breaking Appliances
  • Muco-gingival Surgeries and Bone Grafting
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Preventive Dentistry


Dental Department Doctors

Dr. Abdul Majeed B.D.S
Dr.(Mrs). K. Tharisha B.D.S.


Dr.Mohammed Rafeeque M.D.S
Dr.Vidyanad M.D.S
Dr.Jose Jacob M.D.S


Modern Medicine Department

We look into the convenience of our patients and for the same priority, we have a fully fledged Allopathic department to cop-up with ayurvedic department as the part of integration for both systems and also to tackle emergency conditions of our patients. We have an observatory IP and mini theatre facility to deal with any emergency of the day.

Medical Director (Modern Medicine)
Dr. P. Sibhathulla M.B.B.S, B.A.M.S

Dr. Faizal Kareem MS(Orth Sur), Mch (Orth) Consultant Arthroscopic and Joint replacement Surgeon


Our Facilities:

As said earlier, we look after the convenience of our guests. They are provided with vegetarian, non-vegetarian restaurants and also star hotels nearby.We have special well equipped kitchen facilities for our patients depending on their scheduled diet program. All our villas & suites are furnished with Air conditioners, TV sets, Satellite channels, Fridge, Private telephone etc. Other requirements like public telephone, fax, airline reservation, tourist transports are also arranged on request.


We have a full packed Ayurveda and Modern medical pharmacy which is situated in the Hospital premises. And our modern medical pharmacy got all branded product lining up with medicines from all major companies as well as our own products in case of Ayurvedic preparations.. We have a special IP pharmacy and a branch in our annex building as well. In our pharmacy all kinds of medical accessories, and Orthotics products are available at a competent rate.

Dine in at Hospital

We have a multi–cuisine food dine facility in the hospital campus itself. We are preparing diet–food according to the patient requirements under medical and dietary supervision. Also we provide pre-ordered food of different choices in the most hygienic and natural ways.


Our manufacturing unit has been named as 'KOTTAKKAL AYURVEDA PHARMACY', having 100% of ayurvedic genuine classical medicine including Kashayam, Thailam, Arishtam, Churnam ,Lehyam, Gritam, Tablets and Balms etc.Right now we are in the process of manufacturing unique patent products, hair well oils, face clear creams etc with outstanding results. At present,  we are using our product only in our own IP and OP patients. But shortly we are planning to market our special products. We also have a GMP certified factory.




Our Management

Proudly lined up with a team of experienced doctors with immense knowledge to offer you with the best individual treatment plan for you.

Dr. P. AbdulGafoor - Partner Chairman & Chief Physician.
Er. P. MohdIqubal - Partner Director and Technical Advisor.
Dr. P. Rahmathulla - Partner Director and Medical Director - Ayurveda.
Dr. P. Sibhathulla -Partner Director and & Medical Director - Modern medicine.
Adv. P. AnvarSadath - Partner Director and Managing Director.


Dr P Alikutty's Kottakkal Ayurveda and Modern hospital- Overview

 Founded in 1965 Edarikode, Kottakkal by Dr.P.Alikutty

  • The nearest Railway stations in TIRUR(Malappuram Dist), on the Chennai-Mangalore railway line, at a distance of 16 km.
  • Kozhikode is the nearest airport at a distance of 25 km.
  • Kottakkal is situated at a distance of about 165 km from Kochi, 160 km from Coimbatore

And 48 km from Calicut (Kozhikode ) by road.

  • We have a branch associated with the well known research centre in UAE called Italian centre for herbal treatment and research, in Ajman



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Ayurvedic Treatments

Abhyangam, Anjanam, Choorna Swedam (Podikizhi), Dhanyamla dhara, Dhara, Greevavasthi, Karna Dhoomanam , Karnapooranam, Kashaya Dhara, Kashayavasthy, Kativasthi, Kizhi, Ksheeradhara, Ksheeradhoomam, Lekhaneeyam, Lepanam, Medicated steam bath, Mukhalepam, Nasyam, Netraprakshalanam, Netratharpanam, Njavarakizhi, Oordhwanga Dhara, Pathrapotali Swedam, Pichu, Pizhichil, Raktamoksham, Sarvanga Dhara, Sirodhara, Sirolepa, Sirovasthi, Snehapanam, Snehavasthy, Swedana, Thakradhara, Thalam, Thalapodichil, Tharpanam, Udvarthanam, Upanaham, Urovasthi, Vasthi, Virechanam, Yoniprakshalanam

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