How to experience the recipes of Kerala

  • Kerala is every food-lover's paradise. Kerala cuisine offers a multitude of dishes, ranging from the traditional sadya to seafood delicacies. So while travelling in Kerala, most people face the dilemma of deciding what dishes to try out. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians have a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Moreover, every small town has multi-cuisine restaurants offering continental and north Indian dishes. Since Kerala is a coastal state and has a flourishing marine life, there is no dearth of seafood. Seafood is an integral part of every Malayali meal.

  • Two Hundred Recipes for You

    Kerala is worth a visit simply to enjoy the rich and varied cuisine. A haven for foodies everywhere, Kerala is famous for its spicy or coconut based dishes. The Kerala Tourism website contains the recipes and preparation details for nearly 200 dishes, as well as having pictures to show the mode of preparation for over a 100 dishes.

  • Sadya or Traditional Lunch

    Sadya or the midday meal is a delightful treat for every traveler visiting Kerala. This traditional vegetarian spread is considered an integral part of celebratory occasions like Hindu weddings or festivals, sadyas are now being served in hotels as well. Sadya is an elaborate feast with the number of side dishes ranging from 16 to 60. Rice plays the central role in a sadya. A sadya ends when payasam, a popular sweet dish in Kerala, is served. There is usually a succession of different types of payasams in a sadya, and sometimes up to 4 payasams are served in one sitting. A sadya is traditionally served on a banana leaf, with the tapering end of the leaf pointed to the left side of the guest.

  • Breakfast

    Similar to sadya, Kerala cuisine is also famous for its varied breakfast dishes. But unlike the sadya whose origins are unique only to Kerala, a large part of the Keralite breakfast spread has been borrowed from foreign places. When the foreigners came to establish colonies in Kerala, the natives started incorporating their dishes, vegetables and even their cooking style into their cuisine. This eventually resulted in these foreign dishes becoming part and parcel of every Malayali's staple diet.

  • For Vegetarians

    Kerala cuisine is known for its extensive list of delicious vegetarian dishes. Every traveler in Kerala ought to make it a point to experience the following dishes; Kerala sadya or the traditional vegetarian meals, sweet dishes like adapradhaman and paalpayasam and breakfast dishes like puttu, appam, dosa idili, idiyappam and pathiri.

  • Non-Vegetarian Dishes

    A visit to Kerala will be a delightful and mouthwatering treat for every avid non vegetarian out there. A typical Keralite non vegetarian spread contains delicacies like fish curry meals, tapioca and fish curry, the unique Malabar biriyanies, fish roasted in banana-leaf, chicken ularthiyathu and caviar.

  • Local Varieties

    Kerala also offers a rich palette of local cuisine. For example, the tribal community of Kerala boasts of an exceedingly delicious range of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes that also works wonders for your health. These dishes are prepared in the primitive way, completely in sync with nature. A few resorts provide their guests with local cuisine for special occasions.

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