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Kallada Boat Race

Kallada Boat Race is one of the most popular races held in the southern regions of Kerala. 28th Onam day is selected for the race every year, which is the day of Thiruvonam in the month of Kanni. All leading snakeboats participate in the event. Munroe Thuruthu in Kollam district is the venue for this spectacular boat race. Puthiraparambu Karuthrakadavu Nettayam in the Kallada river is where the boats compete. 

The boat race is a big festival time for the residents of Munroe Thuruthu. The race is held on a track of 1,400 metres. The 28th day of Onam is usually the culmination of the Onam festival season in Kerala. So, it can be rightly said that the Kallada Boat Race is also the final boat race of the season in the State. Kallada Boat Race is now a part of the Champion’s Boat League. 

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