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Natural marvel

Swami Earnest Clark

The only foreign direct Sanyasin disciple of the Guru, Earnest Clark pursued the path shown by Guru eagerly. Attracted by many spiritual leaders of India he came to India and joined Annie Basant's Theosophical Society. While working there he traveled to many sacred places in India. One such trip took him to the spiritual centre of Sivagiri where he met the Guru. Immediately he expressed his wish to the Guru that he wanted to stay there. The Guru arranged facilities for him.

He was one of the major brains behind the design and execution of the project ‘Sivagiri Free Industrial and Agricultural Gurukulam.' To connect Agriculture and Industry to Education was the major motto of the project. Later Earnest Clark became a Sanyasin, but the Guru never asked him to change his name. After the demise of the Guru Clark moved to Coimbatore and founded Sree Narayana Ashram there. From there he started a publication, ‘Life', which gave importance to the Guru's philosophy.

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