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Mambalam Vidyananda Swami

Mambalam Vidyananda Swami was originally named by his parents as Ramankutty. His was a well known family in Kavalam, Kuttanadu, with many of its members as medical practitioners. He studied at Sanadhana Dharma High School, Alleppey and he passed High School with high marks. The sudden demise of his three uncles put a full stop to his academic pursuit. More than that it pushed him further into some deep mental turmoil and agonies.

He left his home and visited many religious places and finally he reached the Adwaita Ashram while the Guru was staying there. Listening compassionately to Ramankutty's story the Guru asked him to stay there and arranged Ramankutty a job at the Sanskrit School. His stay at the Ashram blessed him with an opportunity to improve his potentials and augmented his mastery over Sanskrit language. The Guru initiated him as a monk and gave him the name ‘Vidyananda'.

Soon after the death of the Guru he moved to Kancheepuram Sree Narayana Seva Ashram and later to Mambalam. Swami founded the Sree Narayana Mission there in a piece of land donated to him by a rich person. He also started an infirmary adjacent to the Mission. Poor people of that area were greatly benefited from that sanatorium.

His literary ventures include an interpretation for Sree Narayana Guru's ‘Darsanamala' which the Guru himself titled as ‘Dheedhidi', which means ray. This book became an important means of reference to many scholars. Also he wrote many articles, mostly related to Guru's philosophy, and published them in periodicals.

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