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Natural marvel

Sarkara Devi Temple

Sarkara Devi temple at Chirayinkeezhu is one of the major pilgrim destinations in south India. It is situated south of the Chirayinkeezhu Taluk. The main deity of the temple is Goddess Bhadrakali. The idol is installed facing the north. Centuries ago this place was less populated and desolate. Once, a group of molasses merchants from Ambalappuzha visited this place for their business. They saw a wayside shelter here and decided to relax for sometime. When they decided to continue the journey they found that one of their molasses pots not moving. As they tried to pull it by force the pot broke apart and the molasses flowed and there appeared an idol. Later an old lady who came there to clean the shelter found the idol and informed others. The villagers constructed a temple and consecrated the idol there. Since the goddess came from Sarkara (Malayalam word for Molasses) she was called by the name Sarkara Devi. Kaliyoot and Meenabharani are the popular festivals conducted in Sarkara Devi Temple.

The Architecture
The sanctum sanctorum is a two storied rectangular structure. The roof is polished with bronze. The second storey is decorated with innumerable sculptures which include that of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Durga, Lord Ganapathy, Lord Vishnu, Narasimhamoorthi and several other deities. 

Meenabharanai Festival

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