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Varkala Varkala


Natural marvel

Other Important Towns

Attingal and Kilimanoor are other historically important places near Varkala. In the14th century, the Travancore King Udaya Marthanda Varma adopted two princesses from a North Malabar Royal family.  He built a palace each at Attingal and Kunnummal for these princesses and also handed over the reign of the adjacent land to them. It was during the reign of a later Queen of Attingal that the British first established a factory and fort at Anchuthengu.

Kilimanoor is situated about 11 km north-east of Attingal. One of the important landmarks here is Kilimanoor Palace complex which sprawls over six acres. It is built in traditional Kerala architecture. The Nalukettu structure, with small and medium sized buildings with a courtyard in the middle, two ponds, the area dedicated to sacred serpentine groves etc are the highlights of the palace. The royal family members still continue to live here. Raja Ravi Varma, the world-renowned painter of 19th century belongs to this family.

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