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Wayanad"" Wayanad


Green Paradise

Travel through the winding roads of Wayanad, and for once, you will be pardoned for forgetting the promises that you have to keep and for being struck by the dark, deep, lovely woods. The freshness and charm of the cloud-kissed mountains with the green canopy here is so irresistible that you can’t help but stay and enjoy nature.  For nature lovers, who would like to be hypnotised by the thick greenery of the mountains, the pleasant magic of the valleys, the wild charm of the lashing rains, Wayanad is a Green Paradise. For the adventure tourist, who loves to explore the wilderness of the dense forests and to enjoy a difficult trek through the rugged hills and rocks, the place offers an irresistible challenge. The place is also a historians’/archaeologists’ favourite destination, thanks to the presence of caves and hills from where the relics as old as the New Stone Age have been unearthed.  With the cool climate, fertile soil, rolling paddy fields and spice, tea and coffee plantations, the region also allures farmers/planters. In short, the scenic beauty of the land, which is located on the southern tip of the Deccan plateau, is so much that it attracts thousands of visitors every year.  A journey through the interiors of the district is sure to amaze visitors with its large stretches of majestic teaks and green plantations, which gradually give way to dense forests.  Apart from the rich flora and bio-diversity, the unspoilt regions of Wayanad where the modern civilisation is yet to creep into, also house various tribes who are the original inhabitants of the district.