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Marketing of agricultural product

The government has taken various measures to market agriculture produces that are grown in Wayanad. Till 1996, the coffee grown in the area was pooled by the Coffee Board and then it was sold to domestic or foreign markets. But now, the coffee growers can market their produces freely in the domestic or foreign market.

Pepper is marketed mainly as dried berries while ginger is marketed as green ginger. There are different agencies and commission agents involved in the marketing of pepper. Another valuable spice from the area, cardamom is sold at auction centres. The traders who take part in the auction should be licensed by the Spices Board.

Rubber is marketed in the form of smoked rubber sheets and there are various private dealers and rubber marketing societies under the Rubber Marketing Federation who deal with the purchase and sale of this produce.

Various Krishi Bhavans under the Agriculture Department also contribute to the marketing and the development of agriculture sector in the district. The department has come up with various schemes which try to enhance the growth of agriculture sector as well as ensure the well being of the farmers.

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