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Wayanad"" Wayanad


Green Paradise

Rainforest Trekking

If your trail is through the rainforests of Wayanad, you can breathe the freshness of nature in its purest form. Herds of elephants may cross your way and if you are a keen observer, you can listen to the various calls of birds in the wild.  There will be creepers with their enchanting invitation to swing on, carpets of dried leaves murmuring once you tread on them and streams waiting to quench your thirst with their crystal clear water. Guides from local community may help you to pass through these trails. They will help you observe, identify and analyse a rich variety of flora as well as the footprints of various animals.  If you are lucky you can taste pure honey during your trek through the rainforest.

There are various trekking routes and the major one among them is Meenmutty to Nilambur.  It is a day long trek to Nilambur forest range and it can be completed only by an experienced trekker.  For the novices and first time trekkers, the trail leading to Chembra Peak will be ideal. This trail is steep and arduous and offers enchanting views of nature.  For those who love to find a river’s course, trekking trail through Palolipuzha will be ideal.

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