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Spices Board

Wayanad has acres of spice plantations and hence the Spices Board has set up a field office at Kalpetta. The Board contributes to the research and development that goes into the spice farming industry. It formulates many programmes which help enhance the production of the spices as well as improve the quality of the produce. It is responsible for implementing the various programmes aimed at upgrading the spice growing, and educating and training he farmers.  The training is not restricted to the growers, it is extended to processors, packers and exporters too.  It also acts as a databank and communication channel for importers and exporters of Indian spices.

The Board also helps in the marketing of the spices and assists the exporters establish contact with overseas buyers of spices. It facilitates registration of growers and exporters and forwards the trade enquiries that it receives from abroad to competent registered Indian exporters. Thus it helps the exporter to find market for his product as well as ensures that the International buyer gets good quality spices from India. The board also examines the complaints on importing and exporting of spices and take constructive measures to prevent anything illegal going into the trade.

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