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Trekking at Thusharagiri

Thusharagiri, located in Kozhikode district, offers a fine trekking trail to Wayanad which is rich with breathtaking views of picturesque waterfalls, various shades of greenery, streams bursting forth from ravines, and rustic log bridges. 

About 48 km from Kozhikode, at the foothills of the Ghats, lies Adivaram, the charming village. You can see a winding road that branches off from NH 212 (Kozhikode – Ooty Highway) and a ten kilometre drive through the road will lead you to the base of the trekking trail in Thusgharagiri.  On the way, you will be refreshed by the spectacular rustic beauty of the villages. There is a tourist facilitation centre here which helps you get all the details on trekking and camping.

As you start climbing you will be able to see the final portion of the falls of Thusharagiri which starts from higher up regions. You will have to walk carefully through a narrow steep path which leads to a ravine and you can also watch water plunging over the boulders in the ravine.

There is a peak called Mele Thenpara (which means Upper Honey Rock) and by the time you reach there you will watch and relish the beauty of nature which is enriched with no less than four waterfalls. The falls include Erattumukku, the first one, which is about 100 m above the base. Water falls on the boulders and natural pools have been created below. The trekkers walk across the narrow bridges over the waters.  When the trekker reaches about 400 m up the hill, there is an idyllic spot called Mazhavil Chattam (Rainbow Falls) and it also houses a waterfall. The next fascinating spot is Thumbithullum para, which is about 900 m up. If you travel a few kilometres further, you can reach Thonnikayal where a large pool under the falls enhance the charm of the area.

The final climb again takes five km and you will reach the Upper Honey Rock and can enjoy yet another magnificent fall. Avinjithode is a nearby location where there is another waterfall and usually the trekkers start descending from this region. On your way back in this route, you can observe Pooncholapara.

Another trail from the base of Thusharagiri trail leads to the woodlands and then to Vythiri, which is also used by hundreds of trekkers every year.

If you are a trekking enthusiast you can book days in advance at the facilitation centre but you will have to adhere to the eco-friendly measures prescribed by the centre.

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