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Green Paradise

Major Waterfalls

Soochipara Falls is located 23 kilometres from Kalpetta and a 30-minutes drive from Meppady through the winding roads amidst tea plantations and natural forests will take you to this breathtaking waterfall.  Situated near Vellarimala village near Chooralmala, the location of waterfall offers a scenic view of the tea estates of Wayanad. The waterfall and the surrounding area are covered by thick forests. The water falls from about 650 ft height and this three-pronged waterfall and the surrounding location provides the right ambience for trekking. The longest, but the easier trek is till you reach the first level of the waterfall. Climbing up to the second and third ranges is rather risky.

Soochipara means needle-like-rock in Malayalam and as the name indicates water falls on  needle like sharp spikes of the rocks at the base. There is a natural pool created below the falls and it entices the visitors with cool clear water to take a dip in it. Tree-top huts too can be seen in this location within dense forests and a view from them is spectacular with greenery around and sparkling silver lining of streams in between.

In order to further tap the potential of the destination, the District Tourism Promotion Council has constructed a 900-metre granite pavement from the Soochipara junction to the waterfall and the forest department has erected bamboo benches on either side of the pavement. The department is planning to construct a toilet block and erect hand-rails on the slippery rocks near the waterfall.

Kanthampara Waterfalls
Kanthampara is a relatively small waterfall near Soochipara waterfalls. Compared to its adjacent waterfall, it lacks grandeur and is less frequented. But this is a very pleasant destination and an easy hike away from the main road will help you reach here.

Meenmutty waterfalls
Meenmutty waterfalls, the three-tiered waterfall which is situated about 29 km from Kalpetta is the most spectacular and the largest waterfall in the district.  This is also the second largest waterfall in the state and the water nose-diving from about 1000 ft is sure to evoke awe in you.

It takes a 2 km hike through lush moist deciduous forests to reach the waterfalls. Separate treks are needed to reach each stage of the waterfall.

But the pristine natural ambience at the place coupled with the gentle sound of water gurgling over rocks will sure by wipe away all the fatigue of the trek.  You can hear this luring natural music of water as you near the waterfalls through the jungle and it will surely rejuvenate your spirits. Climbing over hillocks and struggling through the dense foliage of the forests to reach the waterfalls can be a rare, thrilling experience to many of you, who are fed up with the monotony of the daily chores.

You can spend hours enjoying the cool waters here. With prior permission from the local forest officials, you can camp here overnight.

Chethalayam Falls
Chethalayam falls is situated about 12-km from Sulthan Bathery. These falls dry up during summer, but a trek to this place is an enchanting experience for adventure travellers. Though not a popular destination, the place offers a breathtaking view of nature.

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