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Kochi Kochi



Historical Buildings of Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi owes its grace and old-world ambience to the old buildings and worshipping centres there.

At different times in its history, three colonial powers had occupied the area for centuries. All of them left indelible marks on Fort Kochi’s geography and culture, and made significant contributions to art and architecture. It is the old buildings which most clearly reveal this deep-rooted colonial influence. Though a few are in ruins, many of them have been converted into restaurants, offices or are being used for homestay for tourists.

Some of these must-see buildings of Fort Kochi are Vasco House, Koder House, Old Harbour House, David Hall and the Bastion Bungalow.
Vasco House
Bastion Bungalow
Thakur House
David Hall
Old Harbor House
Koder House
Pierce Leslie Bungalow
Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel
Delta Study
Brunton Boatyard
Heritage Hotels

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