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Kochi Kochi



From Vanneri to Kochi

The first capital of the kingdom was Chitrakoodam of Vanneri. Following the attacks of the Zamorins of Calicut, the king shifted his headquarters to Mahodayapuram.  Due to the great floods of River Periyar in the year 1341 and the continuing attacks of the Zamorins, the royal family had to again shift base.

Though the floods destroyed the prominence of Mahodayapuram, it created another port city, Kochi. The House of Perumbadappu Swaroopam made Kochi their capital in 1405 and was thereafter known as the Kochi royal family. Though, initially, the royal family stayed in a palace at Kalvathy, they shifted moved into the Mattancherry Palace in the 16th century, then to Thrissur before finally settling in at the Thripunithura Palace in 1755.

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