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The district of Idukki has a distinctive landscape with midland areas towards the west and highland areas towards the east. On account of this difference, if you are travelling from west to east in Idukki, you will be able to experience a  palpable change in climate. A moderate climate is experienced in the midland areas and the temperature here varies between 21 and 31 degree Celsius, with minimal seasonal variation. In the highlands, which include Kumily Panchayat, there is a comparatively cold climate with the temperature falling down to 13 degree Celsius during winter.

Kumily is pleasant throughout the year with temperatures varying between the mean minimum temperature of 16 degree Celsius and the mean maximum temperature of 31 degree Celsius. Summer months are pleasant with the temperature usually staying below 28 degree Celsius. In winter, the temperature varies between 13 and 25 degree Celsius.

Kumily receives an average rainfall of 250 - 400 cm a year though there have a few years when the average rainfall has gone up to 700 cm. The area receives rain from the south-west monsoon (Edavappathy) from June to September and the north-east monsoon (Thulavarsham) from October to December.

The beautiful mist-clad hills of Kumily are worth a visit anytime of the year.

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