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Lesser known places

There are many lesser-known tourist spots in Idukki district, especially adjacent to Kumily and Thekkady, that attract a lot of Nature lovers.

Ramakkalmedu, about 36 km to the north of Kumily, is one of the most windy places in Asia, . The government has set up a wind farm here that aims at generating 10.5 MW of wind power.

Lying on the borders of Tamil Nadu and adjacent to Chellarkovil, it shares the spectacular beauty of this neighbouring place. An interesting sight in the meadows of Ramakkalmedu is a huge statue of a family.

The cold, powerful winds make getting to the hilltop village a daunting task. However, standing on this vantage point in Kerala to gaze down at the picture-perfectness of Kambam village of Tamil Nadu, on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, is well worth the trouble taken to get there.

According to legends, Lord Rama came to Ramakkalmedu during this search for Sitadevi.  The name Ramakkalmedu comes from the belief that the place was touched by the feet of Lord Rama.

Shankurandampara at Puttadi is on the way from Munnar to Thekkady. This  huge rock offers a panoramic view of Ramakkalmedu. While here, you can also enjoy the lush greenery of the better-known Ramakkalmedu.

Elephant Junction, Murikkady
Elephant Junction at Murikkady, two km from Kumily town, is another place that is becoming a favourite haunt of tourists. At this place surrouned by lush, green cardamom plantations, tourists have the opportunity to observe, at close quarters, ‘domesticated’ elephants.

The neat and clean enclosures are layered with think blankets of maize stalks and palm fronds. Tourists get to see how the mahouts expertly make the pachyderms follow their commands, their feeding, bathing and so on. There is also the opportunity of an ride through the jungles nearby.

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