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Periyar Periyar


The Dream Destination


Pullumedu is located about 43 km from Thekkady,  on the banks of River Periyar.  Pullumedu which means green meadows  is an apt name for this hill town, garbed in green.

To get to Pullumedu, one has to take a jeep ride along long, winding roads bordered by rolling hills with lush greenery. The view of River Periyar flowing alongside adds to the beauty of the pathway to Pullumedu.

Pullumedu is known for its flora and fauna that attract Nature lovers as well as academics. A few rare plants have been found in this region. The relative inaccessibility and the remoteness of the place have helped in the sustenance of its robust eco-system.

Pullumedu also offers a view of the famous Sree Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala. Many visitors come here to see the Makara Jyothi, the celestial light that appears in the remote forest, during the Makarvilakku festival of the Sabarimala temple.

The festival falls in February  or March. Thousands of devottees, including those from many other States in the country, head to the temple during the festival.

Pullumedu is part of the restricted forest region and prior permission from the Wildlife Preservation Officer at Thekkady is needed to visit the place. 

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