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About 45 species of reptiles constitute the reptilian population of the reserve. There are about 30 species of snakes, including venomous and non-venomous ones. The venomous ones include the endangered and deadly King Cobra , the cobra, the viper and the krait. The python is one of the non-venomous ones commonly seen. Other members of the snake family inhabiting the reserve are the Malabar Pit Viper, the Hump-nosed Pit Viper, the Striped coral snake etc.

There are 13 species of lizards and two species of turtles. The lizard species include, among others, the Flying Lizard and the Monitor Lizard. A total of 27 species of amphibians are found here which include limbless caecilians, and a variety of toads and frogs. The Malabar Gliding Frog, the Common Indian toad, the Fungoid frog, the Bi-coloured frog etc have been found in the area.

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