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Periyar Periyar


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The Periyar Tiger Trail - Adventure trekking and camping

The Periyar Tiger Trail is a protection-oriented trekking programme. The trek route passes through hills and valleys. Guides are locals who were once poachers. These poachers turned protectors of the forest have a thorough knowledge of the forest. These expert guides help to pitch tents and to cook food. They also have vast knowledge about the flora and fauna in the forest, even those in the remote areas.

In this programme you stand a good chance of encountering a variety of wildlife like the Nilgiri Langur, the Giant Squirrel, herds of elephants and if you are lucky, you may even spot a tiger.

The programme constitutes two days and one night or three days and two nights. You can go only in groups for this trek where you will be accompanied by armed forest guards with good communication equipment. Visitors are expected to be medically fit and serious nature lovers, aged between 15 and 65. They should bring their own travel kits. Apart from providing an opportunity to experience forest life, the programme also tries to create awareness about the role of the public in the prevention of poaching and other illegal activities as well as in taking initiatives to protect the forest and its invaluable wealth.

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