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Periyar Periyar


The Dream Destination


Vandiperiyar is a major trade centre located about 18 km from Thekkady. Situated at an altitude of 836 m above msl, the place has an abundance of tea, coffee and pepper plantations. River Periyar flows right through the middle of the town on course to the Idukki reservoir. The river nourishes the plantations as well as enhances the value of the place as a destination for Nature lovers.

The abundant plantations and tea factories act as the source of income for a large number of the local population. Like in any other tea plantation area of Idukki, a common sight here is of people working in the tea plantations in the customary garb and headdress of the tea-leaf pluckers.

Commercial and industrial significance
Vandiperiyar is an important commercial centre in the high ranges. There are a lot of tea factories in the area. You can also see makeshift vegetable markets on both sides of the road. The vegetables on sale are usually farm-fresh. Both small and big farmers auction their produce here.

The Government Agriculture Farm and the Flower Garden at Vandiperiyar are two highlights of the town. The Flower Garden houses a beautiful rose garden and a wide range of orchids, anthuria and various other flowering plants that thrive in the cool climes.

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