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Natural marvel

Chaithanya Swami

Chaithanya Swami, the second person to ordain as a Sanyasin by the Guru, had no formal education. He was born in Varkala in 1877 as Narayana Pillai. It was Chattambi Swamikal who sent him to Sree Narayana Guru. He had an outstanding administrative capacity and high talent to adapt with others which prompted the Guru to confer him the duty of looking after his institutions. Chaitanya Swami supervised the construction of Thalaserry Jagannatha Temple, Kozhikkode Sree Khanadeswara Temple, Kannur Sundareswara Temple and many other monasteries. He has also served as the secretary of Alwaye Adwaita Ashram and as the administrator of the Sanskrit school there. He established Sree Narayana Ashram at West Hill in Kozhikkode and continued his humanitarian activities and spread the gospel of Sree Narayana Guru till his demise in 1953.

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