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Natural marvel

Dharma Theerthar Swami

Before entering the sainthood Dharma Theerthar Swami was a proficient lawyer. His original name was Parameswara Menon. His activities against untouchability and other unorthodox practices made him popular. It was through Bodhananda Swamy he got the opportunity to meet the Guru. He used to visit Aruvippuram and Sivagiri with Bodhananda Swami. The Guru accepted him as his disciple and re-named him as Dharma Theerthar. He was the Guru's first Sanyasin disciple with a college degree. His proficiency in different languages as well as in Law enabled him to assist the Guru as a translator during his journeys. The Guru sought his legal advice before registering the Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham. Knowing the depth and greatness of the Guru’s preachings he took the initiative to collect and publish his literary works. Apart from that he wrote several books on Guru that threw light on the great words of this great master. His work “The Prophet of Peace” was the first English book about the Guru.

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