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Satyavrida Swami

Despite his birth in an upper class Nair family Satyavrida Swami (formerly Ayyappan Pillai) was attracted to the principles of the Guru.  He left his house in 1916 and joined as an inmate at the Adwaita Ashram of Sree Narayana Guru. The Guru appointed him as the Malayalam teacher at the Sanskrit school there and made arrangements for him to learn Sanskrit. The Guru accepted Ayappan Pillai as his Sanyasin disciple named him ‘Satyavridan' for his honesty and straight forwardness.

He was a scholar and a forceful orator whose rhetoric often pulled a large crowd during the public meetings. In 1918 he got an opportunity to accompany the Guru to Ceylon (former Srilanka). On the Guru’s advice he stayed there for three years and established evening schools. He was one of the few true proponents of the Guru's principles. Not many people in Kerala worked like Satyavrida Swami against the caste system. His premature death overwhelmed the Guru with sorrow.

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