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Bhujangasana - The Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana - The Cobra Pose

This asana enhances flexibility and strengthens muscles around the spinal column. The asana is a ‘guard’ against constipation and back pain. Adrenal gland, liver, and kidney are most benefited.

 How to do Bhujangasana? 

  • Lie down flat on your abdomen, in the relaxation posture. Cross your hands in front of you so you can place your head on them. 
  • Slowly bring your legs close together. Place your forehead on the floor.
  • Move your arms so that they are folded at the elbow and your palms are close to your shoulders. 
  • Raise your elbows off the floor slightly. Inhale. Raise your forehead with your chin pushed out.
  • Raise your torso from the ground. 
  • Ensure that your abdomen remains pressed to the floor. 
  • Reflect on the movement of a snake raising its hood and gradually feel the stretch of your spine. Maintain posture.
  • Unwind slowly till your body is back flat against the floor. Keep your head lifted till your torso completely unrolls.