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Halasana - The Plough Pose

Halasana - The Plough Pose

Improves blood circulation. Health problems related to indigestion and constipation are relieved. Muscles in the shoulders and cervical region are strengthened.

How to do Halasana? 

  • Lie down flat on your back. Keep your legs close together and your chin tucked in.
  • Breathe deeply. Inhale. Lift your legs upwards till your feet point directly up - that is, till your legs are perpendicular to your torso.
  • Tuck your hands underneath yourself with your palms facing up. With your hands under your buttocks, prepare to raise your torso.
  • Lift your torso gradually till you are resting on your shoulders.
  • Your arms must now be bent at the elbow. Bring your hands to your back to support yourself. Your legs should be over your head.
  • Slowly straighten your back.
  • Keep your knees firm but relax your calf muscles now. Maintain the posture. You are now in the Sarvangasana posture.
  • From here, lower your legs forward so that your feet touch the floor over your head. Now, bring your arms down flat on the floor. Breathe evenly and maintain this posture for about 30 seconds.