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Aravana Muttu or Arabana Muttu

Aravana muttu or arabana muttu, another popular art form in northern Kerala, is similar to the Duff Muttu. The difference between these two art forms is the size of the instrument used. Arabana is a hand-held one-sided flat drum. The drum used in Aravana Muttu is a bit wider and smaller. Like Duff muttu the art form is named after the instrument used which is made of animal skin and wood. The wooden frame is painted with beautiful colours and strung with knotted ropes. The playing surface is made of goat hide. Aravana muttu is usually performed to welcome dignitaries.

Compared to Duff Muttu it is more difficult. There are traditional and modern methods of playing the Aravana. In traditional method the group will sit in a semicircle. The leader of the group will start singing and when the initial song is over, the players will start to play following the song of the leader and beating on the Aravana musically; others will beat in the same way by giving chorus to the song.

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