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The patronage of Theyyam was bestowed in the hands of the ruling landlord communities like the Nambiars and the Thiyyas (ezhava). It was common for every Tharavadu to have its own Theyyam. The Nair’s didn’t have the right to directly take part in the performances. This privilege belonged only to the tribal communities. Despite this, out of devotion, ruling clans established their own shrines and Kavus for Theyyam deities where non-sattvic rituals and customs are observed. The Goddesses like Rakteshwari, Chamundi, Someshwari, Kurathi, and the Gods like Vishnumoorthi are propitiated in these household shrines. There, the Theyyam dancers appear during the annual festivals of Gods and Goddesses. The rituals in such shrines are different from those of the Brahminical temples.

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