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The Dream Destination

Spice-famed land

Kerala is home to some of the most valuable spices of the world. Around twelve spice varieties are grown in the State. The high ranges of the State, where most of them are grown, have a unique climate and geographical features that give the spices a distinctive quality, which has earned them popularity all over the world.
Kerala, the small strip of land on the south-western tip of the sub-continent, was known to far away countries from time immemorial, thanks to the spices grown here. The recorded history of spice trade in the state dates back to 3000 BC. Greeks, Romans and the Arabs had trade relations with the region as early as 1 BC. More than a natural wealth spices played a big role in the history of the region, which saw colonial forces trying to conquer the land for the control over the lucrative spice market.

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