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Munnar munnar


The Dream Destination

Awake to a refreshing experience

Its five past five in the morning. Atop a scenic hill in Munnar, surrounded by wild blooms in the brilliant shades of yellow and blue, a young couple is awaiting the sight of a lifetime. In the gentle silence a cool breeze came tousling their hairs and a little bird lazily flew out of the nearby woods to the swirling clouds… and finally…the magical moments arrived.

Out in the horizon, the sun peeped through the clouds slowly revealing a vast landscape radiating in the golden rays. Everything around them, the mist-clad hills, valleys and the woods are enlivening up… the couple savors an amazing sight of nature at its very best mood.

Every year thousands of travellers from around the world reach Munnar, the famed South Indian hill station, to enjoy their holidays in a magnificence called nature. Right from a glorious sunrise, holidaying is a refreshing experience in Munnar which would live in their memories for ever.

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