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Livestock Project

Mattupetty is home to a prestigious livestock project of the Kerala Livestock Development Board (KLDB) Ltd. Travellers can visit the dairy farm here which is home to hundreds of high quality cattle. The project spread over 191 hectares is a ‘holy land’ for cattle growers who arrive here from different parts of the country. 

The project has made commendable achievements in the field of animal husbandry and runs quality courses in cattle breeding.
Around 400 heads of cattle are reared here, including breeding bulls and cows. Animal Husbandry, Fodder and Semen Bank are the three main sections of the project. The training centre here organizes practical-oriented courses for veterinarians, para-veterinarians and technicians in the field of animal production. 

The project, originally known as the Indo-Swiss Project Kerala, was started in 1963 to develop a new cattle breed which can adapt to the local environment. It was established under a bilateral agreement between the Government of India and the Swiss Confederation. 

The Kerala Livestock Development Board, formed in the 1976, is a Government organisation engaged in cattle breeding, frozen semen production and distribution. The KLDB has developed Mattupetty project as a model livestock village. The semen bank at the Mattupetty project has won ISO 22000 certification. In 1965, the Mattupetty project produced the first deep frozen bull semen in the country. The project has a capacity to produce one million doses of frozen semen in a year.

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