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The sanctuary is noted for the presence of a whopping 52 species of reptiles. Nilgiri Keelback (Amphiesma beddomei), an endemic snake species found only in the Nilgiris and Western Ghats is a rare inhabitant. Besides Echis carinatus, species belonging to different families like the Blind Snake group, Colubrid, Boas, Elapids and Viperids are found in the sanctuary.    

The scrub forest land in the sanctuary is home to the Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans). Kollegal Ground Gecko (Geckoella collegalensis), a gecko species found in India and Sri Lanka, is another inhabitant. A wide distribution of Agamids is also present.

Among the 15 species of amphibians, the Black Torrent frog (Micrixalus saxicola), a small frog species found in forest streams, is endemic to Kerala. Others include Ridged Toad (Bufo parietalis), Malabar Flying Frog (Rhacophorus malabaricus) and Night Frog (Nyctibatrachus genus); all endemic to the Western Ghats.

The Chinnar and Pambar rivers which flow through the sanctuary are home to around 14 species of fishes, including Garra mullya, Barilius gatensis, Danio aequipinnatus, Tor khudree, Puntius carnaticus and Garra gotyla stenorhynchus and Barilius bandelisis.

Avian life
The sanctuary is home to a thriving avian life including Yellow Throated Bulbul. 225 species of birds have been spotted. 156 species of butterflies are also present. During the monsoon season, the sanctuary witnesses migration of butterflies.

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