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Tiger Trail

Head off into the wilderness! The Tiger trail at Periyar Tiger Reserve is an exciting and adventurous trek option. The trekking trail running through hills and valleys is full of fascinating sights of the wild - of butterflies, in all possible colours you could imagine, beautiful wild blooms swaying in the breeze, birds roosting in trees, friendly macaques, elephant herds, grazing deer herd, and many more which would stay in your mind for long. If you are lucky enough, you could also get a glance of the majestic tigers.

The Tiger trail at the Reserve has earned reputation worldwide as a model community based eco-tourism programme. It also stands out for a special reason – your guides would be ‘ex-poachers’ who have left the job and live for a different mission in the present. Armed Forest Department guards with communication equipment will also be part of the team.

The two options offered are a one-night-two-day programme and two-night-three day programmes.

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