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Other projects that contributed to Sanitation

The ‘Total Sanitation Campaign’ contributed to the cleanliness of the Grama Panchayat in many ways. Setting up toilets and handing them over to the financially and socially weaker sections of the area was a major initiative under this programme. The Panchayat also created awareness among these people about the ill-effects of unhealthy personal habits like defecation in the open, improper disposal of human excreta, improper waste management and so on. The need for personal hygiene and the hygienic preparation and consumption of food was stressed. These efforts have been the main reasons behind the creation of a clean Kumily.

Though the Central Rural Sanitation Programme (CRSP) launched in 1986 had provided toilets to some economically backward families, it was only with the recent initiatives involving community participation that the dream of a clean town could be completely realized.

The panchayat encourages the use of paper and cloth bags, soakage-pit kitchen gardens, and bio-gas and vermicompost plants on residential premises. Livestock, owned by many families, contribute significantly to eco-friendly waste management by consuming much of the kitchen waste. Moreover, their dung , apart from its traditional use as fertiliser, is used both for vermicomposts and for bio-gas plants.

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