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Clean Kumily, Green Kumily ( A Total Sanitation Programme in Kumily)

That only a clean environment attracts tourists is an indisputable fact. Such an environment will indirectly improve the living standards of the local populace as well which will in turn improve tourism. Recognising the far-reaching benefits of cleanliness, the local self-government has come up with various projects with a focus on the sanitation and healthcare facilities of the locality. One among them is the Total Sanitation Campaign that was recently introduced in the panchayat.

The panchayat and the ward committees discuss problems faced by the people and try to remove roadblocks to the way of improved cleanliness and consequently, tourism. The panchayat committees, which function under the leadership of the panchayat president, have brainstorming sessions where they discuss projects and their drawbacks and together find solutions for bettering them.

The committees take special care to address problems relating to cleaning and waste disposal.  The panchayat committee has joined hands with the Periyar Foundation, the Merchants’ Association and the Clean Kerala Mission to come up with a total sanitation programme. The emergence of the community-based cleaning and waste management programme called ‘Clean Kumily-Green Kumily’ owes a lot to relentless effort by the panchayat and the local community over many years.

With the implementation of the programme, Kumily has been made a ‘clean and green’ town, and unlike many other places around, no waste is dumped on the sides of the road. A proper waste management system is in place in the panchayat and the area has been declared a plastic-free zone.  With the introduction of the programme, the roads in Kumily town are also frequently cleaned with water. Hotels, lodges, homestays etc are required to adhere to the guidelines of the panchayat for keeping their surroundings clean and for managing waste disposal.

The success mantra - community participation
Other projects that contributed to Sanitation
Healthcare programmes

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