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Antique Shops at Kumarakom

In and around Kumarakom, there are a few antique shops selling curios that were, until recently, part of the Malayali’s day-to-day life. The items on display include swords and knives, bronze lamps, various household utensils, handicrafts with ethnic designs, elaborately decorated traditional door latches, gramophones, old telephones, coins and so on.

The uruli, a wide-mouthed vessel made of bell-metal (vellodu), huge glazed china jars for preserving pickles, weighing balances and the like are some of the commonly seen household utensils. Some shops exhibit artifacts that were an integral part of the agragrian lifestyle. These include wheels used in farms for de-watering, urals, used to pound and powder rice, wheat etc, and tools used for weighing rice even before the advent of the wooden vessel ‘para’, which itself is now obsolete.

Huge wooden panels and carved pillars that were part of traditional homes and institutions are also on display. Some shops, built in the traditional style of architecture, specialize in architectural elements that were used in temples, churches, houses and so on.

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