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Responsible Tourism - Kumarakom Model

Responsible Tourism (RT) activities focus mainly on three areas – the economic, social and environmental aspects of the destination.  The RT authorities of Kumarakom have planned and implemented various projects with these focus areas in mind.

It was in March, 2008, that the Responsible Tourism project was officially inaugurated in Kumarakom. The project has been a big success. The local bodies and the self-help groups are very receptive to its plans and initiatives. The project has also been successful in assuring the villagers that tourism can give them a livelihood.

The project helps the natives reap the benefits of the new industry by offering their products and services to visitors. It also provides opportunities for interaction with tourists giving the natives exposure to new ideas and cultures, and also gives them a platform for showcasing their talents.

To sum up, the RT project makes the natives an integral part of the growing tourism industry in the village and promotes pride in their land and culture. Owing to all this, the village won the National Tourism Award for Best Responsible Tourism Project for the year 2008-2009.

The Success Mantra - Community Participation
The Economic Responsibility Part of RT in Kumarakom
RT - Social Responsibility
RT and the Environment
Benefits at a Glance
Village Life Experience at Kumarakom
A Day with the Farmers

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