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Ayurveda at Kumarakom

You have gone on the wonderful houseboat ride and have done some great bird watching. You have wandered along the tranquil roads, tasted the delicious native cuisine and seen much of the charming village life. But there is one thing left, best left for the last – a session of Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy

Ayurveda, Kerala’s age-old system of medicine, is a science of holistic living and longevity. The Ayurvedic spas and healthcare centres attached to almost all the resorts offer various stress-relieving and rejuvenating packages. These work to renew the body’s balance by eliminating the toxins that are byproducts of an incorrect lifestyle.

Tourists generally go for a standard oil massage which removes the aches in the muscles, relaxes the body and mind, and makes the skin glow. When the expert masseurs work on your body after applying warm herbal oil, you will feel yourself entering a zone of perfect relaxation and will come away revitalized.

The monsoon season – the time of Nature’s rebirth, when the very air is cleansed by the purging rain - is the ideal time for Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments.  The monsoon package includes head, face and body massages with herbal oils and a medicated steam bath.

The Ayurvedic centres usually have therapy rooms and steam bath facilities, as well as Yoga and meditation centres. Some also have an area for recreational activities.

Multilingual Ayurvedic doctors and masseurs, both men and women, are employed in most of the Ayurvedic spas at Kumarakom.

General Packages

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